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Blacktorch – Erithalis fruticosa


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General Landscape Uses: Accent shrub. Buffer plantings.

Ecological Restoration Notes: A rather common element of coastal thickets in the Florida Keys; rare elsewhere.

Description: Medium to large densely-leaved shrub. Bark dark brown striped with light brown. Leaves flat, 1-3 inches or more in length.

Dimensions: About 4-8 feet in height. Usually taller than broad.

Growth Rate: Slow to moderate.

Range: Monroe County Keys north along the east coast to Martin County; West Indies, Mexico, Central America and northern South America. Rare in southeastern Florida outside the Florida Keys. In Broward County, known only from Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.

Habitats: Coastal hammocks.

Soils: Moist, well-drained to moderately well-drained limestone or sandy soils, with humusy top layer.

Nutritional Requirements: Moderate; can grow in nutrient poor soils, but needs some organic content to thrive.

Salt Water Tolerance: Moderate; tolerates brackish water or occasional inundation by salt water.

Salt Wind Tolerance: High; can tolerate moderate amounts of salt wind without significant injury.

Drought Tolerance: Moderate; generally requires moist soils, but tolerant of short periods of drought once established.

Light Requirements: Full sun.

Flower Color: White.

Flower Characteristics: Semi-showy.

Flowering Season: All year.

Fruit: Shiny purplel to black drupe; juicy.

Wildlife and Ecology: Nectar plant for Miami blue (Cyclargus thomasi bethunebakeri) butterflies.

Horticultural Notes: Can be grown from de-pulped seed. Plant in container with 2″ or more of soil. Sprinkle soil to just cover the seeds and place in full sun.

References: Miami-Dade County Landscape Manual (2005).

Comments: It is listed as threatened by the state of Florida.

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  1. Cammie D.

    Low maintenance plant.

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