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Brazilian Red Cloak – Megaskepasma erythrochlamys


3 gallon/10"
3 gallon/10" Installed
7 gallon/14"
7 gallon/14" Installed
15 gallon/17"
15 gallon/17″ Installed

Brazilian Red Cloak is the epitome of tropical!  It is a large bush with huge leaves and gorgeous red flower spikes.  It blooms throughout the year and will even bloom in the shade.  The flowers also attract hummingbirds.  Brazilian Red Cloak can be trimmed easily and is overall a very easy plant to grow.

Life Cycle: Perennial
Water Requirement: Moderate
Light Requirement: Full Sun to Shade
Max Height: 8 Ft.
Pot Size

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2 reviews for Brazilian Red Cloak – Megaskepasma erythrochlamys

  1. Serey

    Beautiful flower.

  2. margaret pressner

    Beautiful plant. Second time I ordered from them and did not disappoint! Large, healthy specimen will definitely buy from again. Highly recommend

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