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False Agave – Furcraea foetida


3 gallon/10"
3 gallon/10" Installed
7 gallon/14"
7 gallon/14" Installed
15 gallon/17"
15 gallon/17″ Installed
25 gallon/21"
25 gallon/21″ Installed
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False Agave is an excellent plant for enriching your landscape.  Along with being an impressive focal point like other Agaves, this one has the bonus of having no spines.  False agave are beyond easy to grow, requiring no maintenance and they are drought tolerant.

Life Cycle: Perennial
Water Requirement: Dry t0 Moderate
Light Requirement: Full Sun
Max Height: 5 Ft.
Pot Size

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2 reviews for False Agave – Furcraea foetida

  1. Claire S.

    I love the color.

  2. Brooke R.

    The 3 gallon was the perfect size.

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