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Cherry Hedge, Surinam Cherry – Eugenia uniflora


3 gallon/10"
3 gallon/10" Installed
7 gallon/14"
7 gallon/14" Installed
15 gallon/17"
15 gallon/17″ Installed
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This is a popular hedge used in landscapes. It gets very thick and you can maintain it at any height. Cherry Hedge is a great replacement for ficus, and can be used as a privacy screen between homes.

Life Cycle: Perennial

Water Requirement: Moderate

Light Requirement: Full Sun to Partial Sun

Max Height: 6-10 ft

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3 reviews for Cherry Hedge, Surinam Cherry – Eugenia uniflora

  1. Steve

    I got a BEAUTIFUL HUGE plant with lots of baby fruits on it!! Thank you!! I will be ordering another one soon!

  2. Marco V.

    Nice plant.

  3. Daniel Grimail

    My plants arrived in perfect condition! They were big and healthy. Thanks.

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