Montgomery Palm – Veitchia arecina


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Cold Hardiness:  27-28 F.
Trunk type: Grey trunk with a white crown that has black, gray and green speckling.
Leaf type:   Long green leaflets that are serrated at the tips.
The leaves are long and arching.
Suckering/Solitary: Solitary
Maintenance: Is a fairly easy grow for Southern California.
Speed of growth: Moderate to fast
Height: 20+ feet
Soil requirements: Rich and sandy with good drainage.
Sun Requirements: Partial to full sun.
General Description: This is a beautiful palm.  It is one of the easier Veitchias to grow; it is also one of the prettiest.  Well worth a try in most gardens.
Other Notes: If you like this palm see Archontophoenix purpurea, Howea forsteriana, Rhopalostylis baueri and Burretiokenita hapala.  Are fruiting trees of V. arecina is Southern California
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